Peoples' Choice Award winner Camila Gonzalez Corea with her winning artwork 'Consume Your Venus' 

Every year the standard of entries to The Signature Art Prize is overwhelmingly and consistently high, and the award was created to provide a further opportunity to those artists not selected by the judges as part of the shortlist. The award also gives the public the chance to have their say on the artworks they think deserves recognition.


Alongside the finalists chosen by the judges, there will also be a ‘People’s Choice’ winner from each of the 4 artwork categories, voted for by the public from all of the competition entrants. These winners will also exhibit at the Gala held in the newly opened Bankside Hotel, a social hub for those passionate about culture, art and food where each will receive a prize. The People’s Choice winners will be voted for via Facebook with Artellite later announcing the results.


We hope that this award enhances the democratic nature of The Signature Art Prize, giving the clients and admirers of the entrants a chance to support them and offer the artists a great opportunity to promote themselves and their work.


To vote, you simply have to like the piece on Facebook. The pieces with the highest number of likes will be included in the Gala, where a secret ballot on the night will decide an overall winner.

The Prize:

The winners will receive:

  • A Prize equal to that of the category winners

  • Acceptance into the Gala Event.


Voting Rules:

  • Individuals may vote for as many entrants as you choose, however you can only vote once for each image.

  • Judging takes place on DegreeArt’s Facebook Page.


2018 | Camila Gonzalez Corea

2015 | Rafael Perez


2013/14 | Arisa Tabuku,  Hollie Mackenzie,  Lorena Balea-Raitz and Tuğba Şimşek

2012 | Holly Mackenzie

2011 | Hideyuki Shoji

S P O N S O R S  &  P A R T N E R S

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