Announcing the Winner of the Peoples' Choice Award 2012

For the people – By the people – The Peoples’ Choice Award.

Following the announcement of our 4 Signature Art Prize Winners on the 25th September 2012, chosen from hundreds of entries by our esteemed panel of judges, the job of judging the Peoples' Choice Award winner was handed over to you.

Open to everyone, the Peoples’ Choice Award, which this year received well over 3,500 votes asked you to have your say on the amazing collection of all entrants to this year’s prize, as well as create yet another prize winner.

So, without further ado, we are delighted to announce that this year’s prize recipient is:

Hollie Mackenzie

'Downfall', 2012, 340 x 270 x 110 cm, Wood

'Downfall' is a hand crafted melting wooden staircase. In 'Downfall', Mackenzie creates a deviant reality of melting pine wood, explores the transitional space of the staircase and investigates the notion of the 'stairway to heaven' – stairway to utopia. 'Downfall' is an installation which presents a distortion of a staircase and its passage way, reflecting the impossibility of reaching utopia.

Hollie will receive representation with DegreeArt, £1,000 cash prize and art prizes from our competition sponsors Thames & Hudson, Cowling & Wilcox and Artfund.

Congratulations from all of us at DegreeArt Hollie!

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