Ieva Austinskaite on Winning the Photography & Film Category of the Signature Art Prize 2015

Having graduated from Middlesex University with a BA Hons in Photography in 2014, we’re pleased to present to you the work of Ieva Austinskaite, winner of the Signature Art Prize 2015 Photography category.

Here, we find out more about Ieva’s practice and what inspired her work.

How does it feel to have won the Signature Art Prize for your category? It feels great to be selected as a winner of Signature Art Prize 2015. I was already very pleased to be in the list of finalists and I think it's a big opportunity for everyone who was in the show. It's a great place to exhibit your work and I am surprised and very glad to be awarded by commission.

How do you feel the prize benefits up and coming artists? I think that the idea of Signature Art Prize's support is very important for emerging artists as it gives a chance to make a stronger step with your work. It's always great to show your projects to wider audience and to get professional feedback, which in a way can shape your next decisions.

Passengers by Ieva Austinskaite

5 Photographic Prints and Film

50 x 200 x 2 cm


Why did you pick your entry piece? How do you feel it best showcases your abilities? ‘Passengers’ is my latest project, which came together as a Final Major Project during my (BA) Photography studies at Middlesex University. I think this project will be a part of an on-going series, as it gave me a lot of thoughts and themes to develop for the future.

How would you describe your signature style? My work always starts from observing subjects in detail and being a part of it. Public space is my biggest inspiration and main source of research. That's where I find topics to work on - reactions and behaviour of people caused by everyday routine.

What's your process when you go about creating your work? The most important element, I would say, is being in the same place and time as the subject I am interested in. Starting from observing it and then trying to record the moments which reflect the idea I have in my mind to fulfil.

What are your favourite materials to work with? My main focus is photography, but I am also interested in moving image.

What do you plan to do now? I am currently working on another project ‘Queue’, which is in a way a part of series relating to ‘Passengers’. And there are also many subjects I would like to record to expand the idea of human behaviour in public.

Ieva's award-winning photography will be on show at the Signature Art Prize exhibition from 30th March - 18th April.

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