The Signature Art Prize Officially Launches in China

The Signature Art Prize (SAP) founded in The UK in 2006 by renowned British art dealer Isobel Beauchamp and art director Elinor Olisa have officially launched it's China edition. The prize brings together outstanding young and emerging artists recognizing their "signature style".

In 2019, the prize officially launched in the Signature Art Prize, China with established interiors business ARTCLOUD being authorized to operate the prize exclusively there. This new partnership between Artellite and ARTCLOUD creates an International Young Artists Award, that provides a unique prize for young artists in China, and promotes outstanding young artists' "signature style". Placing Chinese contemporary art at the center of it's mission, the prize will appeal to the global art collector and raise further awareness of young Chinese artists.

Artists use different formats and methods in the creation process, which comes from creativity and the unique personality of artists, resulting in the creation of a signature style. By supporting greater understanding of the contemporary art market, the prize will capture the high standards of art works and help young artists to exhibit and promote their artwork not only in China but Internationally in an industry that can often prove challenging.

The first edition of SAP (China) will uncover and promote contemporary Chinese young artists with the most artistic potential and the iconic style. It will represent the rapid development trend of Chinese art market and promote the influence of Chinese young artists in the world. The award will be judged by top artists, curators, art critics in China.

The art works collection of the first SAP(China) art prize in 2019 will be launched in April, 2019.

For further information on the Prize, please contact: Miss Jahnai Hall, Signature Art Prize Co-Ordinator

For press enquiries, please contact: Mrs Yossi Curtis, Head of Marketing

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